Flood Won’t End Till November – Gov. Wada 4 years ago 1

Gov Idris Wada of Kogi state on Thursday asked the people of the state to prepare for more floods as the situation might not abate till the end of November.

The governor said more water would be released from some dams and that as the water increased everyday and rapidly, increase in flood should be expected till the end of November.

Wada spoke at the 2012 World Tourism Day celebration in Lokoja and stressed that the flooding was a natural disaster that could not be curtailed.

He urged the residents of Lokoja living close to the water front to leave their buildings before the water got to them unannounced.

He also appealed to all residents of Lokoja and the flood victims to accommodate one another during the period.

He advised those who did not have means to get new accommodation or had no families that could accommodate them to go and settle at the relief camps provided for flood victims.

The governor said relief materials were sent to the camps daily to relieve the victims of their hardship. Home Page

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