Sack Aviation Committees – Atseyinku 4 years ago 0

Human rights activist Hon Joseph Atseyinku yesterday, in Sapele, Sapele Local Govt Area, called on the leadership of the two houses of the national assembly to sack the committee of aviation in their respective house.

Hon Atseyinkun who faulted the committees as the cause of last Sunday Dana plane crash that killed over 150 Nigerians, particularly called on the senate president Senator David Mark and the Speaker of House of Representatives,  Aminu Tambuwal to effect the sack of the aviation committees, citing that the committees were corrupt and totally inefficient in the manner with which they are handling aviation affairs in the country which has led to the death of scores of Nigerians who were using the nation’s air routes.

Similarly, the activist has called on the federal government to immediately abolish the deregulation of the aviation sector, adding that when the aviation sector was not deregulated under the military regimes, air crashes were not common as the aviation sector was then managed by professional expatriates who had the technical know-how to run the sector.

He is also calling for the immediate arrest and prosecution of the management of Dana Airline, who purportedly forced the crashed aircraft to go on duty when overwhelming technical evidence anvailable to it provided by the airline engineers and the pilot showed that the ill fated airline was not fit to fly.

He has also called on the federal government to put adequate check in place in the nation airline operations with a view to mitigating further dastardly occurrences of aircrafts that can lead to the death of more innocent people plighting the air routes

The activist noted that the call for the arrest of the airline management becomes necessary to act as deterrence to other operators ho may may want to apply the rules in the aviation industry with neglegence and with corruopt tactice that can lead to futher tragedy. Home Page

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