Iwuanyanwu Dismisses Igbo Presidency In 2015 4 years ago 266


A Peoples Democratic Party leader in the  South-East, Chief  Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu,  on Thursday dismissed the possibility of a president of Igbo extraction emerging in 2015, the News Agency of Nigeria reports.

The former presidential aspirant said this at a press conference in Owerri, Imo State, where he advocated the inclusion of zoning of political offices in the constitution.

He said the six zones should be given an equal opportunity to produce the president through a zoning arrangement.

Iwuanyanwu added that for any zoning policy to be effective and meaningful, it must be in the constitution.

According to him, there are  qualified and experienced Igbo capable of leading the country.

The PDP chief identified internal politics and selfishness as some  of  the factors militating against the aspiration of such people.

He also advocated the autonomy of local councils, saying the constitution should be amended to allow the councils have  total control of their funds.

He  said state government’s control of the council funds was responsible for the failure of the local government system, saying the situation  had made it impossible for council chairmen to embark on projects beneficial to their communities.

On security matters, Iwuanyanwu urged the Federal Government to address the fundamental causes of insecurity in the country for  its fight against it to  be effective.

According to him, high level of unemployment in the country is alarming and the government needs to address the issue if it hopes to win the war against insecurity. Home Page

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