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Lack Of Patriotism Causes Corruption – Akpabio

Akwa Ibom Governor, Chief Godswill Akpabio has identified lack of patriotism as a factor contributing to corruption in the society.

Chief Akpabio, who stated this Thursday at the opening of a three-day workshop of Nigeria Guild of Editors on the theme ‘’The Nigerian Editor and National Security’’ held in Uyo, Akwa Ibom Capital, noted that corruption thrives in countries with low level of patriotism.

He stated ‘’As editors, you are the captains of the media industry and your interpretations of reality become the reality for the nation. How do you interpret reality? Take the issue of corruption and you would discover that corruption thrives in countries with low level of patriotism. If you love your country, you will not steal from it. Clothe this country in beautiful garments, and patriotism will rise and corruption will decline.

’’To drive away darkness, you turn on the light; let us turn on the light of patriotism in our country. Lack of patriotism leads to selfishness. Therefore, let us live not for our families and ourselves alone, or for our friends and class interest alone, let the empathy extend beyond our interest and we will make Nigeria a better and a more interesting country’’, the Governor observed.

Akpabio thanked the Guild on the theme of the eighth annual conference, saying “This is a proof that the spirit of our ancestors, who used the vehicle of crusading journalism to win independence for us, is still in our time. It would be foolhardy for you to kill the baby, the democracy, you midwifed. ’’We know that you constitute the conscience of our nation. When our nation had tottered in its walk to freedom, you had revived it with fearless, crusading journalism.

Now Nigeria calls again and you compatriots have risen and have come to the right place to respond to this call’’, he remarked.

The Governor charged thus:  ‘’Apart from the state making laws to protect those involved in direct national security activities, the media should also be involved in patriotic gatekeeping. They should deliberately keep information they have acquired, but which could threaten national security from being published. The common good should be prioritized above personal gain or corporate profit.”

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Sources: Vanguard

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