TOP 10: Your Guide To The Most Readable Newspapers in Nigeria

Photo: TOP 10: Your Guide To The Most Readable Newspapers in Nigeria

It is widely known that Nigeria has one of the most pulsating media systems in Africa. Over 100 national and local newspapers and publications operate here, some of them are owned by the state government. The Nigerian newspapers include esteemed dailies, well-liked tabloids and periodicals that defend the welfare of ethnic groups in Nigeria.

According to the latest research, people in Nigeria prefer reading the following 10 newspapers:

1. The Vanguard - one of the most influential privately owned newspapers of Nigeria, based in the city of Lagos. The Vanguard aims to become the most widely circulated newspaper in the country with the broadest news coverage and outstanding service delivery. It has a general section on national news, and also covers area-specific news of Niger-Delta, the East, the Southwest, and the North. The Vanguard has a separate section on reader opinions as well.

2. The Sun – this Nigeria newspaper provides news regarding current national affairs, entertainment, sports, Nigerian politics, and international news. It has played a substantial role in creating a public opinion amongst the local people. The Sun newspaper also provides news to their on-line clients who are unable to read the daily newspapers. The Sun newspaper often raises topics of national importance, poverty and other social issues.Continue reading

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