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More survivors recount ordeal in den of death in Soka, Ibadan.

More survivors recount ordeal in den of death in Soka, Ibadan.Some people rescued from the “forest of horror” in Soka, Ibadan, are currently recovering at a hospital. Unfortunately, one of the victims, an unidentified woman, died on the way to the hospital on March 22, 2014, Saturday.

Crowds of curious residents besieged the State Hospital, Yemetu in the Oyo State capital to see the rescued victims.

The security personnel keep the people away from hospital to ensure that the victims had some privacy and medical personnel attending to them were not distracted.

Nurses at the General Out-Patient ward of the hospital, where the victims are being treated, told Daily Sun that the victims were improving tremendously. According to them, concerned people had been donating cloths and several items to them.

The nurses said when the victims arrived, they smelt awfully and had to be bathed thoroughly. The victims’ unkempt and bushy hairs were yet to be cut by yesterday, as one of the nurses, who did not want her name in print, explained that the hospital was trying to preserve their identity so that their family members could recognise and identify them.

Some of the victims were unfit to speak, while others have responded to treatment and were in mentally-stable condition to talk.

The newsmen had a chance to chat with two of them: Nafiu Shittu and Titi Adeyemi.

Shittu was born and lived all his life in Foko and Olodo area of Ibadan. He was a pile medicine seller to people in the city. He was kidnapped about four months ago. 

When he was resting at the gate area, a bus has suddenly stopped near him. Two men came out and forced the seller into the back seat.

“That was all I could remember. When I regained consciousness, I was in a room in the forest, chained to a wall. I was too tired to struggle and as the days passed by I became frail because I was not given anything to eat,” the victim recounts.

Shittu told he could not identify his location because he was chained in a room all through his days in captivity.

He said he was not the only one in the building, adding some people passed by it regularly, as he heard their conversations.

Titi Adeniyi, 45, is from Awolowo compound in Oke Bola, Ibadan. Two months ago some men stopped by the house of the victim, grabbed Titi.

“They said I was under arrest. Before I could protest, I was put in a bus and driven away. We did not go to any police station and I still don’t know how we reached the bush. I had N10,000 with me but they took it. I am 45 but in the few months I spent there, I aged quickly for lack of care. We were fed once in a week,” the rescued victim narrated.

It was gathered that apart from the killings in the forest, some female victims were being impregnated and made to deliver babies, who were then sold to ritualists.

Meanwhile, more evidence of rape, torture and killings of the victims were found in multiple apartments of the uncompleted building. The investigators discovered chains, charms, and a slab, which proved that some victims were killed and cut into parts.

Some of the containers included such items as travelling bags, foot-wears, clothes, national drivers licence, wallets and passport photographs.

A national driver’s licence bears the name Akinola James Idowu (Ogun State) whose address is NYSC Secretariat, Agodi, Ibadan with an expiry date of April 4, 2014.

Another national driver’s licence found in one of the places where the victims were dispossessed of their personal effects, has the name Saidi R. Adetoro of 52,Yaya Abatan Street, Ogba Lagos State with issuance date 29 March, 2003 and expiring date 3 November, 2006.

The whereabouts of these persons are unknown.

Police Commissioner of Oyo State, Mohammed Indabawa, said he was personally involved in investigating the killings of no fewer than 20, whose decomposed bodies were recovered in the forest. Some emaciated captives were also found.

If anyone has vital information, it should be immediately provided to Mohammed Indabawa’s office by making a direct phone call – 08032002676.


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Sources: Daily Sun Newspaper, news, The Nation

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