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Biola Ige confessed she plays all kinds of roles.

Biola Ige confessed she plays all kinds of roles.Nollywood actress Biola Ige has finally given detailed comments on the semi-nude photo of her making rounds on the Internet these days.

In her press statement the actress declared that her willingness to tell the whole truth was in the interest of her family, friends and fans whom she loves and respects.

The controversial photo is a snapshot from a movie called “PREGNANT HAWKERS”. Biola starred as a Hawker who was in a romantic situation with a man (the actor in the photo).

The actress further noted that the movie is not really new, it’s two years old.

“I am an actress, it is a profession that I love and will continue to enjoy. I am required to play all sorts of roles.

“In each role I step out of being Biola Ige and go straight into ‘character’”, the actress continued.

She was not angry on those who posted this photo on the Internet, as it gave her even more publicity and attention.

“I look forward to acting more movies, and playing more roles to entertain you. Thank you all for reading,” Biola concluded. 

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Sources: Ladun Liadi's Blog, news

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