Obesere Rape Scandal News: More Details

Olanike Olaiya, businesswoman of 29 years old, who was supposedly raped by a popular musician, Alhaji Abass Akande, popularly known as Obesere, has contacted the police and asked not to allow this case to be dismissed in order to keep her safe and stay alive.

Photo: Obesere Rape Scandal News: More DetailsShe stressed that the fact that Obesere had inserted his ring in her private area, which led to bleeding and severe pain, could be connected with ritualistic activities. Olaiya added that she has not been impressed with how the police is handling the case. She even accused one of the Investigating Police Officers of the SCID, State Criminal Investigation Department, for frustrating further investigations in favour of Obesere.

In her comments to Vanguard, the victim, Olaiya, claimed that the theory of them being lovers is a lie. Moreover, according to her, she was not aiming to use false rape charges to claim money from him. Olaiya said that she was offered the money as soon as the incident happened, and she refused to take it.

According to Olaiya, they knew each other for two weeks on business matters and she was invited to his house by a mutual friend, to discuss business only. Olaiya was kept waiting in Obesere’s house for 5 hours until it became late in the evening. Obesere refused to let her go and convinced her to stay over in the house claiming that the neighborhood they were at was very dangerous for a girl to walk at night.  Olaiya stayed in another room and that night, according to her, she was raped by him and he had inserted a ring in her private part. She said that she felt like it was her fault she got raped, because no girl should have agreed to spend the night at someone else’s house. Continue reading

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Sources: Naij.com news, Vanguard

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