15-year-old girl murdered in satanic ritual

A 17-year-old boy, and his 16-year-old friend have been accused of kidnapping, raping and killing a 15-year-old girl in what appears to be a satanic ritual killing.

Photo: 15-year-old girl murdered in satanic ritual

17-year-old Jose E. Reyes

The deceased, Corriann Cervantes who had been kidnapped on Wednesday was found in a vacant apartment about 4am Saturday, half naked with her clothes torn and an upside-down cross carved into her stomach. Her body showed signs that she had been violently raped.with an upside-down cross carved into her stomach and religious items placed in a circle around her partially naked body.

Photo: 15-year-old girl murdered in satanic ritual

Corriann Cervantes

According to report, 17-year-old Jose E. Reyes had killed Corriann so that his younger friend could ‘sell his soul to the devil.’

Reyes who appeared in court on Monday admitted committing the horrific crime while he looked directly into the camera and smiled. He said they both sexually assaulted Corriann and when she tried to leave the vacant apartment, they grabbed her by the arms and pulled her back in again.

Photo: 15-year-old girl murdered in satanic ritual

Jose E. Reyes smiling into the camera

Reyes is facing adult capital murder charges and a judge ordered him held without bail while the 16-year-old who was arrested at school on Monday, the same school he attended with Corriann is being charged with capital murder as a juvenile.

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Sources: Dailymail, Naij.com news

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