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The reaction of this man to the first snow will definitely warm your heart

The photos of a man seeing snow for the first time in his life have gone viral.

Incredible! Happiness Has Literally Fallen On This Man Fall From The Sky

Abiola Ogungbenle moved from Nigeria to be with his (now) wife who lives in Hanover, Pennsylvania in August 2012.

On December 8, Joseph Fryer, Ogungbenle’s housemate and owner of photography business was on his way outside to take pictures when he saw the Nigerian completely overwhelmed with joy.

Ogungbenle asked Fryer to take a photograph of him so that he could send it back to his family in Nigeria.

Fryer’s friend then posted the photo to Reddit and from there it went viral.

After about 30 minutes of playing in the snow and making snow angels, Ogungbenle yelled out to Fryer, “Oh man, it’s cold!”

“Seeing people enjoy the photo as much as I enjoyed taking it, as much as Abiola enjoyed seeing the snow, and experiencing it for the first time, it’s just really nice,” Fryer told FOX 43.

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Sources: Huffington Post, news

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