What Is Woman's G-Spot And How To Find It

photo - Help Her Experience Her Best Orgasm With These Easy Tips, Or How To Find Her G-Spot

For years, the clitoris was considered the only trigger for the female orgasm. Alas, even finding the clitoris turned out to be a daunting task for many men, and things didn’t get any easier in 1950 when a physician by the name of Dr. Ernst Grafenberg found an even more mysterious female pleasure spot hidden within the vagina.

This area became popularised by sexologists as the ‘G-spot’. It turns out that stimulation of the G-spot produces a very powerful kind of female orgasm.

For both of these reasons, finding, stimulating and discovering how to master the woman’s G-spot has become, for both men and women, the Holy Grail of female pleasuring.

What exactly is the G-spot? It is the bean-shaped, spongy tissue of the paraurethral gland, which is analogous to the male prostate. The actual area is rather small, but it feels rougher to the touch than the surrounding tissue. Because the G-spot is composed of erectile tissue, it swells up when blood rushes to it – especially if you learn how to master the woman’s G-spot effectively. It is located about one to two inches back from the vaginal opening inside the front vaginal wall. The ‘front’ wall is the wall of the vagina on the same side as her belly button.Continue reading

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Sources: MensHealth

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