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SHAMEFUL: I Posted Naked Snaps of My Wife Online

SHAMEFUL: I Posted Naked Snaps of My Wife OnlineI posted adult pictures of my wife on the internet. I know that I’m now on my very last chance if my marriage is going to survive. I don’t know why I do these things but I need to get help or I’ll get the red card.

I’m 32 and I work in data processing. My wife’s 36 and a nurse. We’ve been married six years and we love each other very much.

I asked her to vamp up one night and fulfil all my dreams. She did all I asked to do and she gave me the night of my life. She posed like a sex queen in stockings and thigh-length boots with killer heels and let me take photos from every angle. She looked out of this world.

I should have just kept those photos for me but I posted them on a website without even telling her. I would never dream of parading her naked outside but it doesn’t seem real when it’s all on the net. I got such a big thrill to know that those photos were out there somewhere that I did it again.

She’s clearly much smarter than me because both times I posted those photos of her she found out what I’d done. Thankfully she’s agreed to give me another chance.

I know I’ve got a big problem with this. I’ve been looking at porn on the net from a young age. I’ve tried but I can’t let it go. I’m ashamed I’ve hurt my wife so much and I don’t understand why I need porn at all.

I looked into counselling help but it costs such a lot and I know it’s a specialist field. Is there anything else that can help? 

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Sources: news, UK Sun

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