Sex In The BBA House: “Leave Us Alone”

A few days back, regarding the issue of BBA housemate Angelo "Fingering" Nigeria representative, Beverly, Charles Novia expresses his opinion by saying South Africa has "Fingered" and "sub-raped" Nigeria.

A conclusion which a Nigerian BBA fan did not agree with.


He responds to Novia’s analysis below;

Bloggers have been posting an article by Nigerian’s umm " actor/director/producer/executive producer/screen writer/ location manager/Husband/ Father/ possibly Grandfather to name a few (dodges bullets) named Charles Novia. In this article Uncle Charles (in a bid to be polite) states that South Africa has "FINGER3D and SUB-R^PED" Nigeria.

My issue with this statement is that it is a "Flammable" statement. You should know better and not use words like "R^PE" in such a context. One major underlying factor of BBA is to "UNITE AFRICA" whereby various African countries live together under one roof and get to know each though in competition with one another. Please Uncle Charles we mere BBA fanatics dare you to come up with a captivating show uniting Africa where no country will run the risk of being ‘FINGER3D’ by another country.Continue reading


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