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Kinsmen Hail Ngige Over Anti-Gay Marriage Bill

The Catholic community in Awka, Anambra State praised former Governor of Anambra State, Dr. Chris Ngige, on Sunday for fighting against same sex marriage in Nigeria.

Kinsmen Hail Ngige Over Anti-Gay Marriage Bill

The church made the commendation at the presentation of the Catholic Laity Manual of the Awka Diocese of the church, where Ngige was a special guest. Ngige represents Anambra Central in the Senate.

Chairman of the council, Dr Raphael Agazie, who conveyed this commendation,  said Ngige had shown a lot of focus in  representing  Anambra State .

Agazie said, Ngige  effectively filled  the gap for Anambra North and Anambra South Senatorial zones in the constituency projects   in 2012 when there was nobody representing the two senatorial districts

He also commended Ngige for being the first Senator to operate with effective constituency offices to interface with his constituents.

Ngige has a constituency office in each of the seven LGAs that make up his senatorial zone, with a central Constituency office in Awka coordinating them.

The council chairman said, “There are so many things that people did not understand before this event which they now do and it helps us to appreciate that the mandate given to you to represent Anambra Central Senatorial  is well-placed.

“What we can say from here is that you should continue with the footstep with which you are going and by which we have always known you. The LCN  knows about some of the issues you have raised here and has also been working on some of them.”

Nigige spoke on his role in the Senate since 2011, noting that he co-sponsored the anti-gay bill, the health bill and had as Vice-Chairman of the Senate Committee on Power, taken steps to ensure  power supply to the people of  the South-East.

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Sources: news, Punch Nigeria

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