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PHOTOS: Young Girls Share Nude Pictures Of Themselves For Fame

In an era where being famous seems to be everything, a lot of people are now doing anything, and I mean anything to get their names out there – doesn’t matter if they have to go the immoral route.

With social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Keek and Instagram, our youths do not bother to work hard for fame and success anymore. And who can blame them, when girls instantly trend just by posting nude photos on Twitter and Instagram, they get worldwide attention just by posting a Youtube or Keek video- it just seems like the perfect answer for fame-obsessed young women.

Let’s face it, we can go on and on about how repugnant some of those acts are, but the fact remains that they still pique our interests, we still talk about them and give them what they are looking for – attention. Even well known celebs trying to raise their profile have now resorted to posting virtually nude photos, pictures with the doing drugs and the likes.

PHOTOS: Young Girls Share Nude Pictures Of Themselves For Fame

The young ones are not exempted. Secondary school students now put up “sexual” pictures of themselves on these social media sites, and since most parents don’t even get the appeal of some of these sites, they have no idea what their kids are up to.

PHOTOS: Young Girls Share Nude Pictures Of Themselves For Fame

For instance, I am a huge twitter fans and ever so often, I come across these “trending” young girls. Imagine my shock one day when I found out that a classmate of my little sister (Still in JSS3) “trended” for a whole day over a picture of her in just panties, taken in her bedroom.

Being famous for the obscene seems to be a trend these days and people who do virtually nothing are making loads of money just by sitting on their asses so it is no wonder that it definitely is quite the temptation.

There are now no boundaries, no limits and no scruples. And one is left to wonder, where does this all lead to? What will our children and children’s children do for money? And where have all our morals gone? What can be done to curb these seemingly unending acts?

Feel free to discuss and share your views in the Comments section.

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