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SHOCKING! Man Caught Red-Handed Having Sex With A Goat

There was drama in Karatina after a man who had been caught having sex with a goat was found eating grass.

The man who was a matatu tout had been caught red handed committing the heinous crime with the goat by the animal’s owner yesterday at night.

He was later on found today morning eating grass. Speaking to the media, the neighbours said that they were shocked by the turn of events and they suspect that the man was bewitched by the owner of the goat.

The man who looked busy eating the grass was unaware of what was going on as he kept on plucking grass from his compound, chewing and swallowing.

The owner of the goat said that he had found the man having sex with the goat after tying its legs apart. The goat was bleating which alerted him and he rushed to see what was going on. He was puzzled with the scene he met.

He however refused to comment on the witchcraft allegations saying that he was sad as to why someone may decide to hurt a goat.

This comes at a time when locals were trying to absorb the news regarding the 12 ladies who were caught having sex with a dog in Mombasa.



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Sources: Daily Post Kenya

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