Deadly Ezu River Mystery: “These Corpses Must Speak Their Names”, By Okey Ndibe

Deadly Ezu River Mystery: "These Corpses Must Speak Their Names", By Okey Ndibe

By Okey Ndime

Collective forgetting – otherwise known as mass amnesia – is one way Nigerians cope with their scandal-marred, misshapen lives. In a country where scandals come at the rate of a dozen a day, it is hardly surprising that people will make every effort to forget. It means consigning yesterday’s scandals to oblivion, because there are more than enough today – each day – to contend with.

On January 19, the people of Amansea in Anambra State went to the banks of the Ezu River to swim, wash, and draw water. Instead, they found a sight that jangled their spines and made them recoil in horror. Bobbing along in the river were numerous corpses. As to the exact number, we were soon treated to the typical fogginess. According to the police, there were eighteen or nineteen corpses. But some members of the community insisted there were many more: perhaps more than fifty.

In one sense, the number doesn’t matter. One unidentified corpse in a river would be one too many. Yet, in a different sense, it makes all the difference. Each life is sacred and important. And each of those corpses deserves to have its story told. How did so many corpses end up in a river that’s central to the lives of thousands of people?Continue reading

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Sources: news, Premium Times

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