VIDEO: A Leaked Video Of Gen. Diya Oladipo Crying And Begging For Abacha’s Forgiveness

At 42:00 mins into the video General Diya Oladipo is seen in a video recording shown at the Oputa panel, kneeling and weeping before Gen, Sani Abacha.

Gen. Diya was crossed examined at the Human Rights Violation Commission (HRVIC) on the coup plan 1997 to overthrow Gen. Sanni Abacha, He bluntly denied the fact that he was part of the plan but he admitted he knew about the plan.

He further explained that he was afraid of being killed by the Coup Master Planner if he revealed the plan.

He denied pleading with Gen. Sanni Abacha, but was shocked to see the video where he truly knelt down before Gen. Sanni Abacha as tendered by the Lawyer.

Gen. Diya Oladipo then was appointed as Chief of Defense Staff. He was appointed Chief of General Staff in 1993 and Vice Chairman of the Provisional Ruling Council in 1994. In 1997 Diya and dissident soldiers in the military allegedly planned to overthrow the regime of Sani Abacha.

The alleged coup was uncovered by forces loyal to Abacha, and Diya and his cohorts were jailed. Diya was tried in a military tribunal, and was given the death penalty.

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