PHOTOS: This Is The White Nexus 4

We have an even clearer look at the new color option for the device. These latest pics show the white Nexus from a variety of angles.

As with earlier white Nexus phones, only the back part changes color, with the front face remaining pitch black.

At the right angle it’s possible to make our the "crystal reflection process" (sparkly) back, just as on the black model. And the camera and lens trim are reflective, in contrast to the black trims on the original. So from a design perspective, it’s the same old Nexus 4 we know and love.

There’s no indication as to when — or even if — the white Nexus 4 will be due for public release, but we’re sure it’ll sell out just as fast as the current model if it ever does. We’ll keep you posted with any further details that emerge. In the meantime you’ll find more pics after the break, and at the source link.

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