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Ask Naij: I Caught My Woman In Bed With Another Man And She Laughed In My Face

I gave up everything for the sexiest girl I’ve ever known then found her in our bed with another man.

She destroyed me emotionally and financially.

Now I can’t even have sex.

I am 38. I was mistreated as a child, mostly by my step-dad, and whenever I feel someone getting close I push them away.

I had it all for 10 years – wife, house, car, friends, the good life – but I wasn’t in love. I gave it all up for a girl I met through a client.

She was his PA and we went out for drinks to celebrate a deal. She was 26, tall and curvy – and irresistible.

We went on clubbing and knew we were going to end the night together. She was so hot.

Her boss warned me she was a flirt but I loved her so much I let her get close to me, even though she already had three kids. I left my wife and gave this girl and her kids everything.

One day I had to go home from work ill, heard noises upstairs and found her and a man in our bed.

They laughed in my face that it had taken me so long to catch on. She said she had no intention of giving up her freedom to do what she wanted. I walked out that day. That was two years ago but I am still not over her.

I hadn’t had sex in a year until I met a nice girl last week, but when it came to it, I couldn’t even keep an erection.

Where do I go from here?

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Sources: UK Sun

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