“Goodluck is Not Incompetent, But…” – Prof. Jibril Aminu

Professor Jibril Muhammad Aminu was a one time Minister of Education and that of Petroleum Resources, a former Nigerian Ambassador to the USA, he also served as Senate Committee Chairman on Foreign Affairs. In this interview, the Professor bares his mind on different angles of his political life, including his sour relationship with Governor Murtala Nyako of Adamawa State.

Photo: "Goodluck is Not Incompetent, But…" – Prof. Jibril Aminu

Let’s begin with an appraisal of the government of Goodluck Jonathan. As a seasoned politician, what can you say of his government so far? – Let me say that the government of Goodluck Jonathan is a child of crisis circumstances – the illness of the late Umaru Yar’Adua and his passing away. If you are made a vice president, it is assumed that you are preparing to be president. But it is not necessarily so; and in many cases in Nigeria, there are leaders who are actually not expected to be president, except after they make a perfunctory effort which usually does not succeed.


If you remember, of the 36 governors we had in the third republic, only one deputy succeeded his governor. And I think the former governor must have regretted being succeeded by his deputy. Because he too, the game failed, but I called it the result of being an ingrate, in the eyes of the former governor. He was happy that the governor was defeated.Continue reading

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